Professional note-taking tools to help students, scholars, and businesses create informative bibliographies and citation records.


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Easybib is an ideal service for academics. It has a variety of features that can make it very easy to write a paper and check that paper for citations and potential plagiarism.

Writing formal academic papers can be a pain. Thankfully, for paper authors, Easybib offers many features that they will find highly useful. You can create professional citations that can automatically generate and be added to your paper. You can also add these citations in a variety of formats or change the format, thus saving you a ton of time at the end of your project. Users can also use the program to scan their paper and check it for inadvertent plagiarism. 

Additionally, the program will find grammar mistakes and offer suggestions, just like Grammarly or Microsoft Word. It also offers an "expert check" algorithm that will rate your paper on a variety of metrics, including its focus, development, language, style, and more. 

Professors or other academics who are interested in this program will also find a highly useful benefit: The website will scan a paper and cite any instances of plagiarism. 

For people who are just starting to create formal academic papers, you're in luck: The program also offers some nice tutorial videos that show you how to use the program better, as well as write stronger papers.

Users praised the easy-to-use format of the webpage but did note that the wide array of ads on the homepage - they appear in multiple spots - gets very frustrating and distracting. Many of the ads are video or animated and require the user to close them manually. Even for a Freemium model, the ads may seem excessive for some. The advertisements are excessive to the point that they slow progress for writing a paper or scanning it - as any user knows, this is not acceptable, particularly for busy students. As a result, many have turned away from the website and sought other options that aren't quite as advertisement-heavy. 

Fortunately, users of paid accounts noted their relief at being able to get rid of the advertisements. This dramatically improved the usability of the program.


  • Offers numerous highly useful features, including ones found in programs like Grammarly. However, the features are tailored towards academics. 
  • Offers limited free options, and even the premium package is a mere $19.95 a month. For people who write extensive papers, this price is very, very reasonable. 
  • Contains some resources that can help you not only learn how to use citations but write better papers.


  • The homepage is studded with ads for the free version - this will get very annoying, very quickly.
  • Many of the features are locked behind the paid version. This is relatively standard practice, but some users did express their frustration at this. For financially limited students, this can hinder the usefulness of the program.
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